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     July 31, 2023

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 August 31, 2023

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September 28-30, 2023

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Call for Papers

The discussion topics and submission topics of 4th International Conference on Air Pollution and Environmental Engineering (APEE 2021) are as follows. Topics include but are not limited to the following:


TOPIC A: The key process of atmospheric particulate pollution formation

11. Atmospheric particulate matter generation, growth and transformation;

12. Chemical composition, mixed state and optical properties of atmospheric particles;

13. Pollution haze formation mechanism.


TOPIC B: Air pollutant distribution, transmission and air quality

21. Chemical composition, source, tracer and environmental impact of atmospheric pollutants;

22. Air pollution and urban boundary layers;

23. Air pollution transmission simulation.


TOPIC C: Air Pollution Detection and Instrument Development and Application

31. Atmospheric environment simulation cabin;

32. Differential Optical Absorption Spectrometer;

33. Serial Electromobility Differential Scanner;

34. Optical cavity ring-down spectroscopy;

35. Pollutant gas DBD plasma remover.


TOPIC D: Environmental Science, Resources and Environmental Engineering

41. Environmental Science and Technology Application;

42. Resources and Environmental Engineering;

43. Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Biology;

44. Other Related Topics.



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